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If you want to know information on some of the newest releases and opinions then here they are.  Also, if you have any questions on any episode from any of the Akira Toriyama series including GT, then e-mail us at bradcissel@yahoo.com or nephew1988@aol.com.

Realization:  This DVD or VHS starts off with Vegeta remembering the time when he met Goku, and how Goku used to be weaker than him, but quickly surpassed him in every area.  Bulma tells him that she can increase his power ten-fold to become SSJ4 or higher with her new invention called the Bruits Ray.  In the next episode; Goku is seen fighting with Suu-Shenlong, and Suu seems to have the upper hand with speed, but Goku is stronger.  Goku is about to kill Suu when he spares his life because Suu spared Pan's life.  The fight goes on when San-shenlong appears and tries to fight Goku, he freezes Goku, then Suu gets Goku out, the fight goes on, Goku is winning when San blinds Goku.  Goku is pissed, and uses his Ryu-Ken on him to kill San.  Then, when everything seems ok, Li-shenlong comes about, and basically beats the shitaki mushrooms out of Goku.
Conversion:  On this DVD or VHS, Goku seems to be losing the battle, so Suu tries to help out by trying to use his best attacks on Li.  They don't work, and Goku is almost done for.  The Z-team comes and rescues him, and raises his power to the limits.  Vegeta comes and turns into the great ape, and everyone thought that he couldn't control it, but he does tame his form and become SSJ4 also.  Goku and Vegeta fuse via the fusion dance, and become SSJ4 Gogeta the most powerful warrior ever.  They toy with Li, but they don't put out enough energy, so the form dispurses quickly right before they're about to administer the final killing blow to Li.  Everyone is pissed, and they seem to be about to lose, but everyone knows that Goku is going to save the day somehow.  Find out how he does on the next DVD, maybe I'll tell you about it before it comes out.

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