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Here are the various forms that Frieza achieves in DBZ the Namek Saga...


Freiza Form 1:
This form of Frieza has long black horns that stick out from his head.  His head is like some kind of helmet it serves for no purpose, mainly because he doesn't really fight in this form.  Frieza uses tis form to hold in all of his power.  He tricks his enemies or enemy by showing off this form.  His power ins't that great at this stage.  And this is Frieza's smallest form.

Frieza form 2:
Form 2 shows Freiza with the long black horns that curve upward on his head.  He is the tallest in this form and has shoulder protection that becomes wider.  His tail is longer and pink.  In this form, Frieza brings out more of his power.  His speed and his strength incrase.  This form he also has a bigger neck, more muscle mass, adn a wasy deeper voice. 

Frieza form 3:
In this form, Frieza is his ugliest.  His head is stretched out to the back and he has two white horns on each side of his head.  They curve just a bit and are longer.  His shoulder protection sticks out more in this form, but they still have purple on them, just like his head.  His strength increases when he is fighting Piccolo, and his speed also.  But he only stays in this form for one episode and changes after Gohan's outburst of power with the Mesenko ki blast that Frieza deflected.

Frieza form 4:
This is Frieza's last and final form that he achieves, his brother Cooler achieves higher level than Frieza.  he has no pink on him in htis stage and his shoulder don't have shields.  In this form frieza becomes shorter and his face changes.  His ki and his speed increase 10 fold.  And he can change his power by percent, when Goku was using 50% of his power Frieza was only using 1%.  He can go up to 100% power which is his maximum.  His shoulders bulge when he increaes his percentage in power, but his speed increaes other than decreases with the new found strength; from the muscle mass.

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