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This section includes most of the characters throughout the series.  If you have any more info. email me!!!  Also check out click here: http://www.ultimatedbzinfo.com


  1. Aqua- A strange competitor in the Annoyoichi Budoukai. He resembles a man crossed with a fish, he's a terrible fighter on land, even Goku isn't much of a match for him underwater.
  2. Akuman- One of Uranai Baba's nastiest fighters. He gave Goku a run for his money and tried to explode his heart by expanding the evil inside it, but he didn't know that Goku had a pure heart.
  3. Apuuru- One of Freeza's henchmen on Namek. Vegeta kills him.
  4. Amondo- That big sucker that looks like an Indian in DBZ Movie 3. Goku kills him.
  5. Angira- A pretty-boy villain from DBZ Movie 4. He was almost certainly modeled after Zarbon in his mannerisms. He looks like a Greek God with horns sticking out of his head. He swallows his own ki attack when Goku deflects it back at him.
  6. Annai Oni-The effeminate Ogre who escorts Goku to the Serpent Path.
  7. Annin- The female guardian of the Furnace of Eight Divinations at a border between the world and the after-life.
  8. Iedei- The giant mutant monster that Vegeta and Nappa kill on the planet Arlia.
  9. Ieroo Taisa- One of the high ranking members of the Red Ribbon Army. He's one of the many Animal Person characters and he happens to be a tiger. Gokou who punches him out of a plane and kills him.
  10. Iiero Taisa no BukaOne of Yellow's subordinates killed by Bora.
  11. Ikose- The cocky fourteen year-old who faces off against Goten in the Children's Division of the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai and gets KO'ed with a mere tap from Goten's fist.
  12. Idaasa- This is Ikose's fifteen year-old brother. He's dealt a similar defeat in the Children's Division by Trunks.
  13. Idaasa no Mama-She is rude and crude to Bulma and Chichi while sitting in the stands at the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai. She boasts about how her sons will defeat both of their children, and when both of her children lose pathetically, she absolutely flips out, but Chichi knocks her lights out.
  14. Inoshikachyou- A large wild boar which Tien and Chaozu use as part of their con act. They tell the creature to destroy a town, so it does. Tien and Chaozu then step forward and offer to kill the beast for money. Obviously they pretend to kill it, and they get the townspeople's money.
  15. Iruka- A friendly dolphin that gives Goku and Chichi directions to Kame's house.
  16. Ireeza- A blonde girl in Gohan's class at Orange Star High School who has a bit of a crush on him. She sits right next to him.
  17. Intabiyuaa- The man who interviews Mr. Satan during his first appearance in the manga.
  18. Uubu- The good reincarnation of Buu as a human. He's a little boy from a poor village who Goku meets at the 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai. At first he seems to have no power, but when Goku makes him angry, his true power shows and he even hurts Goku's arm when he kicks it. He agrees to go with Goku to train at Kami's Palace so that he can control and improve his power.
  19. Oolong-He plays a large role in the beginning of Dragon Ball, but by the end of DBZ, he just shows up from time to time. His favorite hobby is collecting women's underwear. He ends up saving the world when he interrupts Pilaf's wish to be ruler of the world, and gets a pair of panties instead. Oolong is able to change into any form he desires, but since he was thrown out of Shape-Changing School for stealing the teacher's underwear, he did not perfect the technique and can only hold a shape for five minutes, at which point he will return to normal.
  20. Oolong no Neratsuta Musume- The little Indian girl Oolong wanted to capture from a village and make his wife and servant.
  21. Ueburi- One of the young competitors in the Children's Division of the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai. He loses because he throws a crying fit.
  22. Uketsuke no Oyaji- The man who registers fighters in the Tenkaichi Budoukai.
  23. Usagi Dan Danin- The two machine-gun toting members of the Rabbit Gang who terrorize a town.
  24. Upa- The little Indian who accompanies Goku for a short time in order to recover all of the Dragon Balls so he can wish his father back to life. Upa is a member of the Indian tribe who serve as the gaurdians of Karin Tower. His father is the chief of the tribe. He fights against Uranai Baba's thugs and manages to defeat the Vampire with garlic breath.
  25. Umigame- Kames pet turtle. During DBZ he celebrates his 1,000th birthday in episode 117. He plays quite a few large roles in the anime. When he first appeared, he was in the wilderness, alone and lost. He was picking mushrooms when he got separated from his friends and had since been wandering around on land for over a year. Goku kindly takes on the task of returning him to the ocean. It is Umigame who introduces Kame to Goku, Bulma, and Oolong.
  26. Uranai Baba- This old witch is Kames sister who has the ability to see the future in her crystal ball. She's about 500 years old. She'd be more than happy to tell you your future, all you have to do is pay her 10 billion Zeni, or defeat her five martial arts experts.
  27. Earobi no Onna no Hito-This is the woman who teaches the aerobics classes on TV that Kame Sennin always drools over.
  28. Eihei Taichyou-The King's personal bodyguard. Piccolo Daimaou kills him dropping him out of the King's private escape jet.
  29. HTV no Jyosei Intabyuaa-An interviewer for channel HTV. She tries to interview Piccolo and Vegta at the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai, but they ignore her.
  30. NBS no Anaunsa-The announcer for channel NBS. He covers the story of Piccolo Daimaou.
  31. Ebifuriya-The villain from DBZ Movie 2 who can freeze victims with a blast from his hand.
  32. Emi-One of the children aboard the ship of orphans that Krillen, Gohan and Bulma become trapped in, on their way to Namek.
  33. Enjiira-Girl who develops a quick, but fickle crush on Gohan, and goes on one date with him.
  34. Enma Daiou-The giant god of the ogres who decides if people go to Heaven or Hell when they die. He grants Goku permission to travel on Snake Way to try and reach King Kais planet.
  35. Oodako- A gigantic octopus Goku battles with.
  36. Oorinji no Senpai Tachi-Krillens elders that beat him up for fun when he was in the Orinji Temple.
  37. Ookane Mani-The richest man in the worlds wife. She plays a very small part in DBZ Movie 9.
  38. Otoko Ookami-A wolf who turns into a man when he looks into a full moon. He faces Kame in the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai and is disqualified, but Kame cures his problem.
  39. Otoko Suki-An outrageously gay competitor in the 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai. He's even dressed in black leather, but he's built like an ox.
  40. Obo Chyaman-One of the many inhabitants of Penguin Village. A lot of the old characters show up in a short series of installments where Goku and Blue Shogun end up in Penguin Village by mistake.
  41. Omawari san-The friendly police officer in the West Capital who helps Goku locate Bulma's house.
  42. Oribu-A big hulking competitor in the Annoyoichi Budoukai. He looks like Hercules. Goku and him become friends.
  43. Gariku-The father of Garlic Jr. He competed with the original Piccolo for the seat of Kami, but was not able to ascend to the throne because the previous Kami saw his evil ambitions.
  44. Gariku Jyuniya-Garlic's son born to complete his father's dream and take vengeance. He was the main villain in DBZ Movie 1. At the end of the movie he was sealed in the Dead Zone, but he later reappeared in the anime after the Freeza saga with some more evil people, but was sealed away in the Dead Zone again.
  45. Kita no Kaiou-This is the King Kai that we all know and love. He's the one who trained Goku as well as Tien, Chaozu and Yamcha. In the anime, the other Kais made fun of his death and held the Annoyoichi Budoukai in "honor" of his death.
  46. Higashi no Kaioushin-He is the Supreme Kai a god beyond the rule and power of someone like the Kai of the North. He's a short purple guy with elf ears and a white mohawk. He may not look it, but he's VERY strong, he's nothing compared to Goku and the gang. He fuses with his bodyguard Kibito, and while he receives a huge power upgrade from it, he's still weak compared to the Z Soldiers. He's normally just able to help out by teleporting people from place to place, and healing them after he fuses with Kibito. Supreme Kai is also the only surviving deity of his kind from when Buu massacred the Kais. The three other Kais were killed, and Buu absorbed Dai Kai.
  47. Gaikotsu Eihei-A decayed soldier that keeps a silent vigil at Uranai Baba's battlegrounds.
  48. Kaizoku Robo-A giant robot built by pirates to guard their treasure.  Goku and team wipe him out, but it takes them more than an episode to deal with him. He has an arm-mounted machine gun, as well as flamethrower.
  49. Kaichyuu Oyaku-A family of worms that live in Buu's stomach.
  50. Kakao-The android member of Taurus' team in DBZ Movie 3. Killed by Goku.
  51. Kakujya-One of Slug's scientists from DBZ Movie 4.
  52. Gasuteru-A giant cloud-riding, ribbon attacking red demon from DB Movie 2.
  53. Gashyu-One of Garlic Junior's thugs. This dude is pretty tough and he's one of the last guys to die. He also receives power when the Makyo-sei nears Earth.
  54. Kappa Shogun-A member of the Red Ribbon Army hes mentioned, but never seen.
  55. Kanassa Sei-jin-People of the planet Kanassa. Bardocks team wipes them out in the opening scenes of the first DBZ TV Special.
  56. Kanemochi Fuufu-A rich couple that pays to have their fortune told by Uranai Baba.
  57. Kami Samma-He is the son of Katastu, sent to Earth for fear that the planet would be destroyed by storms. He grew up alone on Earth, and eventually, felt the ambition to be Kami, so he trained under the current Kami. He ruled until he rejoined with Piccolo to grant him more power and knowledge.
  58. Kame Sennin-Master Roshi became the strongest man in the world after his master was killed. He participated in many Tenkaichi Budoukai's and won every one up to the 22nd. In 749 AD., he met Goku. That year, he began training Goku and Krillen.  He is later surpassed by all of the Z-Soldiers but never loses his fighting spirit. He owns the world's largest collection of porn.
  59. Karin-Korin is the 800 year old cat who lives at the top of Korins Tower. He is just below the rank of Kami. He trains Goku. He also gives Goku the Super God Water which gives him the power to defeat Piccolo Daimaou. In addition to that, Korin is the only one who grows the Senzu beans, which heal wounds and are equivalent to eating 10 days worth of food. In DBZ he shows up from time to time, but not too often. Yajirobe lives with him.
  60. Karugo-Dende's brother. Freeza killed him when he ran away. He is later revived with the Earth Dragon Balls.
  61. Kan Fu Otoko- A competitor in the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai who looks and acts like a Martial Artist named Bruce Lee.
  62. Kiira- A big dude who participates in the Battle Royal at the end of the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai. He's KO'ed by Mighty Mask. His role is minimal, but he has some plot-developing flashbacks.
  63. Kigurumi Z Senshi-In the anime, during the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai, there is a funny scene where a short "movie" is shown which portrays the events of the Cell Game. Men in deformed costumes represent all the Z Soldiers, Cell and Mr. Satan. There's guys flying around on high wires, and explosions set off by stepping on switches. It's all done to make the flying and ki blasts that the Z Soldiers performed look fake. At the end Mr. Satan appears and defeats Cell with one kick.
  64. Kishiime-A villain that looks like a cross between a catfish and an eel in DBZ Movie 2. He can shock victims with his electric tentacles.
  65. Kita no Kaiushin-He's one of the three Kais that were killed by Buu.
  66. Ginyu-Leader of the Ginyu Force, Freiza's squad of five. Ginyu possesses the strongest power of any of the Ginyu Force member (120,000) but even worse than his power, is his ability to change bodies with anyone. Ginyu is the only member of the Ginyu Force to live through the battle on Namek. His body is switched with a frog, but he switches bodies with Bulma and goes through some antics before getting switched back into the frog's body and he even shows up on Earth from time to time.
  67. Kibito-This character is the large hulking guardian of Supreme Kai. Almost nothing about his past is said, other than that his purpose is to protect Supreme Kai from any harm. He has the ability to heal people and teleport anywhere he wants. He fuses with Kaioushin with the Potara earrings.
  68. Aoi Kimidori-This is Akane's older sister. She runs the Coffee Pot cafe in Penguin Village.
  69. Akane Kimidori-This is one of the main characters from Dr. Slump. She's a bit of a tomboy.
  70. Kiyatapi-This is one of the competitors in the Annoyoichi Budoukai that Goku faces off against. He tries to tickle Goku into submission, but that doesn't work, so he goes into a pupa state, (he's a caterpillar creature), to grow into a much more powerful adversary. He has to stay in his cocoon for 1,200 years, so the match is given to Goku.
  71. Kyaputen Chikin-One of the many goofy, competitors in the 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai. He's a man in a chicken suit.
  72. Kiui-He is the first to die by Vegeta's hands on Namek. He had a power level of 18,000.
  73. Gyuu Maou-Despite his threatening sounding name, he is really harmless. He was a little mad when his castle on Mt. Frypan went up in flames and wreaked havoc through the village at the foot of the mountain. He's Chichi's father and Goku's father-in-law. He trained along-side Gohan under Master Roshi. He has a few large roles from time to time.
  74. Gyosan Mane-A very rich man who schedules the Martial Arts Tournament in DBZ Movie 9 as a birthday present for his son, Dollar.
  75. Gyoshyu-A little alien scientist that works for Slug in DBZ Movie 4. He's killed when he tells Slug it will take ten days to re-align the Earth's orbit.
  76. Kyo Dai Kani-A gigantic of crab that lives in the deep waters of Namek. Bulma finds a female one.
  77. Kirano-A handsome competitor in the 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai.
  78. Giran-A huge monster that competes against Goku in the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai and forfeits. His character is built up a lot with a bar-fight scene.
  79. Giran Ichizoku-Goku visits Giran's village and meets a bunch of  creatures like him.
  80. Kinkaku- A thug who Goku meets. He and his brother Ginkaku terrorize the people of a small mountain village and force them to present them with food once a month. He has a man-eating gourd that eats people if they do not respond when their name is called.
  81. Ginkaku-Ginkaku is Kinkaku's younger brother. He and his brother are defeated by Goku.
  82. Kuura- Koola is Freiza's brother. He is the villain in DBZ Movies 5 and 6. Movie 5 actually takes place in the anime time-line, but 6 doesn't. Koola has the unique ability to transform into a fifth form. He's pretty cool as a villain, and shares Freeza's polite mannes. It's very clear that he doesn't care about his brother, and just stays out of his way because he doesn't want to bother with him. In Movie 5, Goku blasts him and his Death Ball through the sun with a Ka-me-ha-me-ha.
  83. Daigorou Kurigashisa-One of the inhabitants of Penguin Village who pops up during the cross-over series. I don't have any background information on him.
  84. Kuririn-Krillen is a member of the Orange Temple. The six dots on his head are scars, which are burned into each member. He is NOT bald. He shaves his head so that an opponent cant grab his hair in a fight. He lets his hair grow back after the Cell Games. His wife is Number 18 and their daughter's name is Marron. He is one year older than his best friend Goku.
  85. Gurudo-The smallest and least powerful member of the Ginyu Force. Gurudo is a green alien with four eyes. He may be weak, but he has some great abilities. He can freeze time for as long as he can hold his breath, and to telepathically freeze his opponents in place.
  86. Gurumesu Ou-The villain from Dragon Ball Movie 1. Hes a normal person who became evil when he discovered special rubies that gave him an endless hunger.
  87. Gureto Saiyaman- Gohan's alter-ego during high school. He wears a helmet, a green suit and white mantle, and watch invented by Bulma changes his outfit from normal to super-hero. Later on, he changes the helmet to a bandana and sun-glasses so he can participate in the Tenkaichi Budoukai. He's elevated to Super Man status and does all sorts of wonderful things for Satan City. A movie is even made about him.
  88. Gureto Saiyaman 2 Gou-In the anime and DBZ Movie 13 Videl teams up with Gohan. She wears an outfit similar to his, but it's got a woman's touch. She's barely in the anime at all, so it's a wonder that she plays a large role in Movie 13 as her "alter-ego".
  89. Guregori- This is Kai's motor-mouth pupil, a little flying cricket named Gregory. He shows up in a couple movies. He's very respectful of his master and always speaks highly of him.
  90. KTV Jyosei Intabyua-A reporter for station KTV.
  91. Genki Dama ni Kyouryoku Shytotsuru Otoko-While Goku is gathering energy for his Ultimate Spirit Bomb, Vegeta asks the people of Earth to raise their hands and offer their energy. Few people do it because they think it's another mind trick of Buu's, but one man gives up his energy. He's the first person outside of the small group of people who actually knew it was Vegeta that gave his energy to Goku.
  92. Kenpau Ka-A street fighter who offers people 100,000 zeni if they can beat him. He fights kid named Goku and loses pathetically. Goku uses the money to locate Bulmas house.
  93. Piroshiki-One of Mr. Satan's students who competes against Cell. He's a big guy with the power of a wild boar, but he obviously is not match for Cell.
  94. Kouryu- A ten year old competitor in the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai's Children's Division.
  95. Goremu-I have no clue who this is.
  96. Ko Gamera-Gamera is a giant turtle from outer space. Godzilla with a shell. Since Master Roshi doesn't fly and sometimes needs to get places fast, he calls in Kid Gamera. It's a little mini version of Gamera that Master Roshi can fly around on. Now, the thing about Gamera is that when he flies, he spins around in circles, so does kid Gamera. So when Master Roshi uses this mode of transportation he vomits.
  97. Gokuya-The machine gun/sword wielding villain from Movie 9, who is taken out by his own boss Bojack.
  98. Koku Ou- The little dog/man ruler of the world. He pops up from time to time during times of crisis. He played a fairly large role in Dragon Ball. He's one of the few people who knows that Goku is actually a hero.
  99. Koko-A little girl who lives in a mountain village she was going to offer herself as a human sacrafice to stop a monster from terrorizing her village, but Videl wouldn't let her and put a stop to the monster herself. With help from Goten and Trunks.

100. Gojita- The result of Fusion by Goku and Vegeta. Gojita only appears in DBZ Movie 12 and in Dragon Ball GT. Gojita is fantastically powerful and takes out Janenba effortlessly in Movie 12, and would probablly have done the same thing to Ii Shenron if he weren't so cocky.

101.Gozu- The big blue ogre in Hell who sumo-wrestles Goku.

102.Kon Doru no Shyonen- A dirty little thief  who steals Goku's clothes and his Dragon Radar while he bathes.

103.Gotenks- The result of fusion between Trunks and Goten. Gotenks looks small, but he's a powerhouse. He battles against Majin Buu on two occasions. The first time is when he first successfully becomes Gotenks, and he loses pitifully. The second occasion is in The Room of Spirit and Time between him and Super Buu. The battle later expands to Kami's Palace, and even further along, down it concludes on Earth. While many of his attacks are just a waste of time, he's the only other Saiya-jin besides Goku who attains Super Saiya-jin 3, which is a valuable assest in his battle against Buu. Unfortunately  he defuses before he can destroy Buu.

104.Kori Hakase-A scientist from DBZ Movie 11 who assists in the creation of Bio Brolly.

105.Korudo Ou-Freeza's father who joins him on his trip to Earth to seek revenge on Goku. He's stronger than his son, but Trunks kills him.

106.Konkichi- A little fox kid who Goku meets on the final stretch of his trip around the world. He's a thief, but he only steals to survive.

107.Zaakuro-One of two aliens who disguise themselves as Namekians and try to trap Bulma, Krillen and Gohan on their desolate world. They almost succeed and steal their space ship, but Krillen and Gohan put an end to them.

108.Saade-One of the competitors in the Annoyoichi Budoukai.

109.Zaabon- Freeza's right hand man and all around crony. He has the ability to transform to raise his power level. In his transformed state, he's a disgusting creature, as opposed to his handsome features in his normal state. He hates transforming because it makes his beautiful figure to become distorted. His normal power level is 23,000.

110.Saiku Oni-He's known as the Tank Boy whose job it is to change the tanks on the washing machine that evil people's souls go through when they go to Hell in the afterlife. He doesnt do his job and the evil energy overflows and explodes. The evil energy swarms around the ogre and goes into him, changing him into the evil demon Janenba.

111.Saichourou-The elder of Nameks.Guru is a Namekian who has an almost infinite wisdom and some fantastic techniques. He can read minds, reproduce, awaken hidden powers and even create Dragon Balls. Guru created the Namekian Dragon Balls and modeled the Namek dragon, Porunga, after an image he saw in a dream. He dies due to Freeza's influence, but is later resurrected for a short amount of time so that the Namek Dragon Balls can become active again and grant one last wish. He dies permanently on Earth.

112.Saibai Men-These are little foot soldiers that Saiya-jin can utilize whenever they don't want fight. They are grown, first a seed is planted, then a special solution is poured on top. The creatures are brutal, but they always obey their master. Each is fairly strong with a power level of 1,200 their best technique is a kamikaze explosion attack.

113.Suaza- The leader of Koola's Special Forces team in DBZ Movie 5. He's killed by Piccolo in the end of the movie by the, Makkankosappou.

114.Kinoni Sarada-Lives in Penguin Village. Kinoni is a little kid that rides around on a tricycle.

115.Zangya-Bojack's vexing female underling. She's a powerful fighter and takes on Krillen. Near the end of the movie she's killed by Bojack himself because she shows fear.

116.Sanshyo- Garlic Junior's enormous crony from DBZ Movie 1. He's killed by Piccolo who wants revenge for attacking him in the wilderness.

117.Sanzoku Guma-Goku's first major battle with an enemy takes place with him. He's a huge bear with a taste for sea turtle. He threatens to eat Turtle, but Goku defends him and takes out the bear.

118.CQV no Repota - A reporter for station CQV who covers the crisis in Ginger Town where people are mysteriously dissapearing.

119.Jiisu- A member of the Ginyu Force, Jeices strength is his combination of speed and powerful techniques. He's not as fast as Burter, or as powerful as Rekuum, but he's a happy medium between the two of them.

120.Shen-The alias that Kami enters the Tenkaichi Budoukai under. He posees as a nerdy looking guy so he can beat Piccolo. His name is the first part of the dragon's name, Shenron.

121.Shen no Mutsuko-Just as the name infers, this is the son of the guy who Kami possesses.

122.Shenron-He is the dragon who appears when all seven Dragon Balls are gathered in one place and someone says, "Come out Shenron!". At first, Shenron can only grant one wish, and bring someone back to life once, but later, he recieves a power-up from Dende which allows him to grant three wishes at one time and grant the same wish twice. However, after all three wishes are made, the Dragon Balls will scatter across the Earth and turn to stone. In one year they will return to normal and can be used again. If all three wishes are not used up at one time, the waiting period is shortened. Later Kami merges with Piccolo, and the Dragon Balls turn to stone, but Dende replaces Kami and becomes the new God, at which point he restors the Dragon Balls. Piccolo Daimaou killed Shenron once in the series. The dying process doesnt work in reverse, so if Shenron dies, Kami does not. In Kami's Palace there is a statue of the Dragon. If the dragon is dead, the statue will be broken. In order to resurrect him, you just put the peices back together. Shenron cant grant wishes that exceed laws of nature, or the power of his creator. Shenron cant ressurect someone who has been dead for more than a year; and he cant ressurect someone that has died of natural causes.

123.Super Shenron- This is the Namekian equivalent of Shenron. He is much larger than Shenron, and when he's first introduced, he has some advantages over the Earth's dragon. He can grant three wishes instead of one. He can only ressurect one person per wish. However, after Muuri becomes Guru, he allows Porunga to bring back any number of people. His waiting period after a wish is only 130 days a Namek year. He's linked to his creator in the same way as Shenron. His shape was also based on a figure the Guru saw in a dream.

124.Shishi Garyu no Ken Pau Ka- A competitor in the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai who uses Ken Pau as his form of fighting.

125.Shitate A- An unfortunate tailor who makes the mistake of asking Tao Pai Pai to pay for clothes. Tao Pai Pai kills him for not recognizing him as the worlds best assassin.

126.Shitate B- A tailor who fits Goku with some dress clothes after his old gi was messed up. But he doesn't like the clothes, so he strips naked in the middle of a street and changes into a new orange gi.

127.Shyaoron- Tenron's little brother, who accuses Chinshyou of stealing his wallet, so he can pick a fight with the boy's father, Chindai.

128.Jyaga Bandadanshyakku- A villain from DBZ Movie 11 who wants revenge on his old classmate Hercule for beating him in martial arts. He funds experiments that create Bio Warriors, including Bio Brolly.

129.Jackie Chun- Kames alter-ego during the 21st and 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai's. He takes off his sunglasses, glues hair to his head, and puts on a black fighting suit. He hides the fact that he's really Kame because he wants his students, (Goku and Krillen), to compete against him without holding out.

130.Janenba-He was a demon crime lord in Hell, before he was banished. However, when the Evil Soul Washing Machine overflows and explodes, he's reborn in the body of a young ogre. While Janenba may be evil, he certainly doesn't look it. He looks like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man who went to an all-you-can-eat buffet, and then grew horns, a tail and turned yellow. Hes very stupid and loves to "play." Play meaning harming people of the universe. He probably has the widest variety of moves. Then, just when you think Goku finally kills him, hes reincarnated. He's still Janenba, but you'd never know by looking at him. He looks like the devil, and is attitude. While the original Janenba just liked hurting people for fun, this guy takes pleasure in it, which is evident by his facial expressions. His death is one of the coolest. Gojeta takes him out with an attack that dissolves him from the inside out.

131.Shyapuna-Sharpner is your typical jock, he participates in almost every sport. He teases Gohan for a while in school, but later befriends him when he sees that he can catch baseballs 20 feet in the air and take a fast-ball to the face without flinching. He tries to reveal the identity of the Great Saiyaman during the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai, which Gohan reveals anyway.

132.Shyamo-An adorable little alien from DBZ Movie 8, enslaved by Paragus and his men to complete the construction of a new planet Vegeta.

133.Shyamo Seijin- The race of people who lived on planet Shyamo, all of them were enslaved and their planet was destroyed by Brolly.

134.Shyuu- Emperor Pilaf's ninja crony. He and Mai usually work together to carry out the work of their short master. He's one of the first villains in Dragon Ball.

135.Shyuusai Aku- Chichi gets a tutor for Gohan, but the guy turns out to be a real S.O.B. He whips Gohan when he doesn't do his work right and constantly corrects him. Chichi doesn't realize that any of this is going on, but one day she hears him badmouth Goku and she flips out. She puts him, through the window and chases him away.

136.Jyueru- A pretty-boy competitor in the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai who makes it to the final Battle Royal. Number 18 knocks him out instantly.

137.Shura-A god of demons who lives in the underworld. His legions of demons terrorize a kingdom, but Goku beats him in a fighting tournament, so he stops attacking the village.

138.Jyosei Kyasuta- A woman who reports on the terror that Cell is causing.

139.Shiruba Taisa- The first member of the Red Ribbon Army that Goku fights. He's a good fighter, but Goku takes him out in no time. He isn't killed though, only KO'ed.

140.Jinku- One of the orphans Gohan meets when he escapes from Piccolo's training. He looks like a fox.

141.Jinguru ora no Sonchyou- The mayor of Jingle Village who was kidnapped by the Red Ribbon Army and held for ransom in Muscle Tower.

142.Jinjya- Piccolo's driving instructor in the famous driving school episode.

143.Jinjyaa-Garlic Junior's right hand man and leader of the Ginger Three in DBZ Movie 1. He's killed by Goku's Ka-me-ha-me-ha.

144.Jinjya Taun Ichi Erai Kanemochi- A victim of Cell's absorption spree. He offers Piccolo tons of cash to save his life.

145.Jinzouningen Hachi Gou- Dr. Gero's first "successful" creation. While Number 8 was magnificently powerful, he was built too well and possesed the ability to think for himself, and he decided that he didn't want to do evil things for the Red Ribbon Army. He befriends Goku and helps him on his trip up Muscle Tower. Hachan was much stronger than Goku at that particular time, but he was a pacifist, and didn't like to fight. He had a bomb inside his body, which could be activated with a controller. Murasaki was going to kill Hachan by activating the bomb, but Goku saved him by destroying the controller. Hachan can also be seen near the end of DBZ in the Dragon Ball 10th Anniversary Special.

146.Jinzouningen Juusan Gou- The tall leader of the Androids and main villain in DBZ Movie 7. He's basically a rip-off of Cell. By himself he's fairly powerful, but when he absorbs two components from Artificial Humans 14 and 15, he turns into a big S.O.B. who is really cool. Everyone works together to take him down. And Goku finishes him with a Spirit Bomb, well sort of. He creates a Spirit Bomb, and then instead of using it, he absorbs the energy, and his ki gets very large.

147.Jinzouningen Juuyon Gou- A big blue guy who looks like he came from a Conan the Barbarian movie. He's the strongest of the three Androids in DBZ Movie 7 and eventually faces off against Trunks. His death is fantastic.

148.Jinzouningen Juugo Gou-He's an alcoholic who takes a swig from his whiskey can every few minutes and dresses similar to Boy George. He's also very tiny and several jokes about his height come up. Vegeta kills him.

149.Jinzouningen Juuroku Gou- Number 16 is another failure of Dr. Gero's. He is willing to carry out his mission to kill Goku, but beyond that, he doesn't wish to harm anybody or anything. He loves nature, and this is clear. Aside from that fact, he is probably Gero's greatest success. Unlike 17 and 18, he is entirely mechanical, and unlike 19 he doesnt need to absorb energy. He is the strongest of the androids. Hes able to grapple with a full power First Stage Cell and hold his own surprisingly well, when even Piccolo was nearly killed by him. Number 16 is also the only Artificial Human capable of sensing energy. Like 8, 17 and 18 Number 16 has a self-destruct bomb inside of him. The only difference is that his bomb causes a massive explosion with enough power to wipe out even Perfect Cell. He tries to utilize his bomb as a kamikaze technique against Cell when all seems lost, however, when Bulma and her father repaired Number 16 in their lab a few days earlier, they removed it. They forgot to inform 16 and when he realizes this, Cell blasts a hole through him. Later, 16's decapitated head gives Gohan a speech about releasing his true feelings. Cells annoyed and crushes it.

150.Jinzouningen Juunana Gou- The brother and sister team, are a bit hard to explain. Doctor Gero obtained a brother and a sister. His means of obtaining them and their past lives are never revealed. He experimented on them, and re-created several aspects of them. He also took away many of their past memories. This brother and sister obviously became what we know as Androids 17 and 18. 17 is the brother. He's a typical male with a love for fast cars. He loves his power and refers to himself as the strongest being ever. Unfortunately, that's not true when full power Stage One Cell shows up. Contrary to popular belief the Androids of the present are a lot different from the Androids in Trunks' time. In Trunks' future, 17 drives around in an air car and mows people down for fun. In the present he may rough up people, but he never kills a single human. The only person he intends to kill is Goku and after that he just wants to enjoy himself by fighting strong opponents. 17 and 18's deadliest traits are that they do not have ki, and thus cannot be sensed, and they also have an infinite supply of energy inside of them. In other words, even if they're lying near death on the ground, if they have enough strength left to lift their arms, they can still shoot out blasts of energy. 17 has a bomb inside his body, which can be triggered by a controller, but the explosion isnt as powerful as 16's. After the Cell saga 17 becomes a recluse and lives in the woods by himself. The only time he's seen again is when he gives his energy to Goku to help create the Ultimate Spirit Bomb.

151.Jinzouningen Juuhachi Gou- Number 18 plays a larger role than her brother, because she marries Krillen. When she was a "villain" she was different from her brother in that she didn't enjoy fighting, but she has a "just for the hell of it" attitude. Whenever she's seen fighting she's always very calm, and meanwhile she's doling out heavy punishment. Like her brother, she never kills a single human and has only one goal, which is to kill Goku. She retains some of her human quirks. Whereas her brother likes adrenaline rushes she loves shopping. She browses through Chichi's clothing looking for any good out-fits, but she's bored with what she finds. She has all of the same traits as 17. After the Cell saga she settles down with Krillen and they have a daughter named Maron. She competes in the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai and tells Mr. Satan to give her 20,000,000 Zeni, if she lets him win the tournament, which he agrees to.

152.Jinzouningen Juukyu Gou-19 is completely mechanical and is an Energy Absorption Type. He had red balls on the palms of his hands, which absorb any ki attack, and suck the energy right out of a person by touching them. He's a pretty boring villain. Once again, think of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, but this time, shrink him to human size, and breed him with a Snow Woman and he's the reslult. Goku starts to fight him, but gets beaten horribly because he starts to suffer from his heart disease, so Yamcha carries him off the field and Vetega takes his place. The fight between him and Vegeta is fairly short, but it's one of the few moments where I actually love Vegeta's attitude. "You're an Android right? Tell me, can Androids feel pain and fear?". Vegeta rips off 19's hands so he can't absorb energy and then blows him up with Big Bang Attack. Fighting wasn't 19's main purpose. Dr. Gero created him so that he could transplant his brain into an Android body.

153.Jinzouningen Nijuu Gou- You'll notice later on that Dr. Gero isn't on this list. There's a reason behind that. We only see him in brief flashbacks. The real Dr. Gero was a scientist for the Red Ribbon Army and was its only known surviving member after Goku eliminated it. He invented 20 Androids and began work on one ultimate biological warrior known as Cell. Most of his Androids were never shown. He invented the Androids primarily to kill Goku, but Trunks infers that his larger scheme is world domination. Keep in mind, in Trunks' future, 19 and 20 didnt exist, and 16 was either destroyed by Gero or never completed. Before creating 20, he created 19 to transplant his brain into 20, which was built to look exactly like his human body. After his brain had been moved into 20, he was able to continue his research and live on without fearing death due to old age. 20 is a particularly vicious villain. He's not much of a match for the likes of Piccolo, Goku or Vegeta even after absorbing energy. His only advantage is that he is an Energy Absorption Type Android, but Piccolo rectifies that problem simply by slicing off 20's right hand. 20 is killed by his own creation, 17. 17 slams his fist through 20's chest, kicks off his head, and then smashes it.

154.Shinbaru- Piccolo Daimaou's third son. Cymbal resembles a Dragon with a plump human body. Yajirobe slices him in half, then roasts him over a fire and eats him.

155.Suke san- An invisible man who Yamcha faces off against. He's one of Uranai Baba's fighters whom she lets people battle. If someone beats all of her monsters they can have their fortune told for free. Mr. Invisble is defeated by hysterical but ridiculous means. Goku nabs Bulma and Master Roshi, then he has Krillen swipe off Bulma's top, thus exposing her. Seeing this, Master Roshi suffers from his biggest nosebleed ever and covers the invisble man in blood making him possible to see.

156.Supa Man- He's a short pudgy Clark Kent look-alike who changes into "Supa Man" by running into a telephone and putting on classic Super Man garb. If you understand Japanese his outfit is even funnier because he has the kana "Tsu" on his chest in place of the "S". He claims to have super power which he gains by eating pickled plums.

157.Suno- A 9-year-old girl that lives in Jingle Village. She rescues Goku from the freezing weather, which he isn't used to, when his plane crashes in the cold northern region.

158.Suno no chichi- Snow's father is forced to work for the Red Ribbon Army and search for a Dragon Ball.

159.Suno no haha- Snow's mother takes care of Goku and gives him appropriate snow gear for his assault on Muscle Tower.

160.Supopo Bitchi- One of Babidi's servants. He was a normal martial artist who did quite well in the 24th Tenkaichi Budoukai, but Babidi got his hands on him and possesed him to do his bidding. During the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai, he beats up Videl and almost kills her. But Videl doesn't give up and only loses because she's so badly beaten that she can't move and Supopo throws her out of the ring. Later he works with Yamu to steal Gohan's energy and dies when Babidi makes him explode.

161.Suragu- The very lame villain from DBZ Movie 4. Slug is a mutant Namekian who doesn't even know that he is from Namek. He's the Emperor of a sunless planet. At the beginning of the movie Slug's planet nearly collides with Earth, and they destroy their planet to save Earth. The price for such a noble cause isn't all that easy to swallow though. Slug wants to make Earth his new planet. In the middle of the movie, his men manage to collect all 7 Dragon Balls and Slug makes a wish to gain his youth back. With that accomplished, he continues his quest of Earth, unfortunately he picked a planet with Piccolo and Goku on it. In the end of the movie the Spirit Bomb finally kills him.

162.Seiretsu Shiji Obake- Uranai Baba's little servant ghost who directs people from place to place at Uranai Baba's home.

163.Zeeun- One of Slug's subordinates in DBZ Movie 4 whom Slug kills for calling him old.

164.Zeshin- One of the leaders of the of the group of orphans whose space-ship Krillen, Bulma and Gohan mistakenly board on their trip to Nameck.

165.ZTV no Jikyou Anaunsa-This guy plays the largest reporter role in the series. He's the brave soul who covers the Cell Game with the help of his trusty camera-man. Throughout the Cell Game he provides almost a comic relief, and at other times, he hightens the intesity with his description of the amazing events he witnesses. He's the World's only link to the Cell Game since no other TV stations covered the event.

166.Seripa- One of the only female Saiya-jins who was a member of Bardock's team. Not much is known about her, but she's known Bardock since she was a child. She's killed by Dodoria and his crew of fighters.

167.Cell- Cell is one of the major villains of DBZ. If you were to describe his personality, he has the manners of Freeza and the temper of Vegeta. Dr. Gero brought the general concept of Cell forth, but his computer is what really makes him. Dr. Gero combined blood samples of Piccolo, Goku, Vegeta, Freeza and King Kold. Unfortunately, the amount of work needed to input data into the being and make it intelligent takes a ridiculously long amount of time, so Gero sealed the larva Cell in his secret lab and let his computer create the creature. After 24 years Cell emerges as an intelligent being, he's far from being what Dr. Gero dreamed that he would become. He resembles a cockroach. In order to reach perfection, Dr. Gero created two components for Cell to absorbonce he did this, he would become "Perfect" and have no equal in strength. Those two components were 17 and 18. The Cell that you all know is not from the normal time-line. He comes from a third time-line. In this time-line, Trunks had defeated 17 and 18, unfortunately that meant he could not absorb them and become "Perfect". He emerges from Dr. Gero's lab in his first form and begins to absorb the people of Earth to gain power. That same year, he siezes his chance to accomplish his dream. He sneaks up on Trunks just as he's about to leave in his time machine to help Goku and the rest with their fight against the Androids. Before he leaves, Cell kills Trunks and steals his Time Machine. In order to fit in the Time Machine, he reverts to an egg state and launches the Time Machine. After his arrival, he hatches from his egg and at this point look like a giant cicada. He crawls several yards away from the Time Machine and burrows down into the Earth to enter his pupa state, which he needs to stay in for three years. He makes his grand appearance and the Cell Saga begins. Since Cell is composed of several different species, he has many abilities and techniques. He can use just about anyone's techniques. For example, he can regenerate any limb or appendage from any cell in his body. His main core is a nerve in his brain. Even if every part of him is destroyed except that nerve, he can still regenerate. He can use Ka-me-ha-me-ha, and just about any move Goku can do, but he was created from Goku's cells before he knew certain moves, so Cell needs to see the moves that Goku learned after his cells were taken in order to perform them, like Instant Transmission for example. Gohan finally kills cell with help from the Z Soldiers.

168.Cell Junior- Another one of the traits Cell picks up from his Namekian blood is the ability to reproduce. He can shoot out little copies of himself called Cell Juniors from a tube in his back. The cell juniors are little guys who seem to have about as much brains as Saibai Men, the only difference is these suckers are strong. They're almost as strong as Cell and prove it by beating the snot out of Vegeta and even Goku. Cell made 7 of them, one for each Z Soldier, to beat them up and to make Gohan angry. It doesn't work, but Cell doesn't care, he just enjoys seeing they hurt everyone. Gohan kills each of them when he goes SSJ2.

169.Senshi Taipu no Nameck Seijin- Three Namek soldiers who show up and try to defeat Freeza at Gurus hut, but end up dying.

170.Sentai no Kami- The previous God's spirits that live in the Spirit Zone at the bottom of Kami's Palace. Their job is to keep living Kami's out of the zone, and if living Kamis do enter the Spirit Zone, then they will try to kill him.

171.Sentou Roboto-Fighting robots that serve as drones for the Big Ghetti Star in DBZ Movie 6. In order to be destroyed, they must be attacked at their individual weak points.

172.Kurikinton Soramame- A barber in Penguin Village.

173.Tarou Soramame- Kurikinton's first son, and a bit of a rebel. He's a high school dropout who's been smoking since he was young. However, he becomes a cop near the end of Dr. Slump.

174.Pisuke Soramame-He's a great friend of Arale's and he's Tarou's little brother.

175.Zorudo- One of Garlic Junior's lackies. He's weak and one of the first to die.

176.Son Gokou-Goku is the main character of Dragon Ball. He was born in the year 737 on the Planet Vegeta and came to Earth to destroy the people living on it, and prepare it for sale by Emperor Freeza. But, he fell over a cliff one day when Grandpa Gohan was strolling through the forest with him. He hit his head and lost the memories of his mission. Although Goku is by blood a Saiya-jin, he refers to himself as, "The Saiya-jin raised on Earth", because he doesn't want to deny his roots, but he doesn't want to say hes part of a group that destroyed galaxies without a second thought. In the year 756 AD he married Chichi, and in May of 757 AD she gave birth to their first child, Gohan. Sometime before May in 767 AD thier second child, Goten is born. Goku dies twice during Dragon Ball. The first time is by Piccolo's hand while restraining his brother Raditz and the second time was when he teleported Cell to King Kai's planet so that Cell would detonate "safely". After his first death, he was brought back to life with the Dragon Balls and after his second death; a Kai gave his life to Goku. Later in GT, Goku leaves with Shenron, but whether he's dead or not is not revealed, it's up to the viewer to decide. At the end of Dragon Ball Z Gokou is 48 years old, and that's even including his year spent in the Room of Spirit and Time.

177.Son Goten- Goku's second son born in 767 AD. Goten is able to turn Super Saiya-jin at a much earlier age than his brother and father due to the fact that he was born when his father was a SSJ. Goten resembles his father very much, and his facial features are almost identical to Goku's except that his face is just slightly rounder. Gotens famous for his mis-pronunciation of his father's move, "Ka-me-ka-me-ha!" aside from that he has only one attack called Totsugeki, which translates to Attack. Goten inheritted his father's sense of adventure. During most of his time in DBZ, he's 7 years old, but is still searching for strong guys to fight. He goes absolutely out of his mind with excitement when he hears about this "Majin Buu guy" and can't wait to see it and fight it. Like Gohan, he stops training as he gets older and never really gets much stronger than he is during the Buu Saga, but that doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy fighting. He's the only male member of his immediate family who can't turn Super Saiya-jin 2.

178.Son Gohan-Gohan is Goku and Chichi's first son, who is named after Goku's adopted grandfather, Gohan. He was born in 757 AD, and when he first appears he's 4. If he were any normal child, he would probablly have been traumatized by the age of five. In a single day, he's kidnapped, beaten up, his father gets killed, he's taken away from his family, dropped into the wilderness and then told to survive for 6 months. His trainer/mentor/idol is Piccolo who trained him during the 6 months before the Saiya-jins arrived. He's entirely responsible for Piccolo's reformation, and he grows on Piccolo. Later on he fights the Ginyu Force and Freeza on Namek and does fairly well, but he's still not a powerhouse. The only time his true potential shines is during the Cell Saga when he basically becomes the savior of the world by being the first Saiya-jin to attain Super Saiya-jin 2 and destroy Cell. After the Cell Saga Toriyama wanted the manga to focus on Gohan, and make him the hero, but that's not what the fans wanted so he backed off of Gohan and his adventures as the Great Saiyaman. In the end of DBZ, Gohan is still a remarkable fighter, but nowhere near what he should be. As Gohan grows older, he has less and less of an urge to train on his own, and since evil doesn't threaten the Earth, he has no reason to. He becomes a "nerd", but you wouldn't want to mess with him. He down and marries Videl. They live in a house next to Goku's and have a daughter named Pan.

179.Son Gohan Ojisan-Grandpa Gohan was a martial arts master who lived a hermit's life in Mount Paozu. Master Roshi trained him at the same time Gyuu Maou was also being trained by him. Gyuu and Gohan knew each other very well. Gohan was the man who wielded the legendary power pole. Gohan found the young Saiya-jin baby Kakarrot in the forest of Mount Paozu he named him Goku. He raised him and taught him martial arts; he and Goku lived happily together. However, one unfrotunate evening, Goku looked up at the full moon and transformed into his Ozaru form. Gohan was no match for the beast and was crushed by him. Goku meets up with Gohan's spirit later in the series though. Gohan is actually the last competitor in Uranai Baba's line-up up foes who Goku faces off against. Goku doesn't even know that it's his grandfather's spirit until after the match. Goku meets up with his grandfather one last time in the anime at the end of Dragon Ball at the border between the underworld and the Earth.

180.Taado- One of Garlic Junior's minions. He looks like an over-sized bull with the face of a frog. He does down the same time as Zorudo.

181.Darbura -The King of Darkness. He's the ruler of an alternate dark dimension. Babidi locates him and posseses him, making him his servant. He's quite powerful, and is even with Gohan when he battles him. His ability to conjure weapons, and turn people to stone with his spit make him a dangerous foe. His eyes are gouged out by Buu and turned into a cookie, which Buu eats.

182.Taresu- The main villain from DBZ Movie 3. Whether Taurus is related to Goku, or if he's a clone is never revealed, and it doesn't really matter since it's a movie that desn't happen anyway. He comes to Earth to plant the Shinseju Tree and eat the God's Fruit, which grows in the tree by absorbing the energy of an entire planet. Gokus Spirit Bomb kills him.

183.Daizu - The shorthaired minion of Taurus in DBZ Movie 3.

184.Dai Kaiou- I assume you all know who King Kai is right? He's one of Goku's trainers, he rules over the northern galaxy. Well, there are Four Kai's, and above them is the Grand Kai. He's portrayed as a punkish old geezer. He wears jeans and a jean jacket, while listening to rock music on his boom box. He's much stronger than the other Kaiou's, and although he never admits it, Goku is far stronger than he is.

185.Dai Kaioushin- Okay, you know how Grand Kai is the God of the Kai's? Well above the Kai's are the Kaioushin's and their leader is Dai Kai. Dai Kai is the highest known deity in Dragon Ball Z, and is above all other gods. He was absorbed by Majin Buu millions of years ago. Now, its suggested that Fat Buu looks the way he does, because that's what Dai Kai looked like. When Buu absorbs certain characters, his physical appearance changes and he looks similar in one way or another to the character(s) he absorbs. The original Kid Buu looked nothing like Fat Buu does, so the anime suggests that when Kid Buu absorbed Dai Kai, that's how he obtained his fat, cutsey faced appearance since Dai Kai looked that way. It's an interesting theory, and whether Toriyama intended it to be that way or not is unknown, but thats a logical explanation.

186.Tao Pai Pai- Tao Pai Pai is a world-reknowned assassin employed by the Red Ribbon Army to take out Goku and locate several Dragon Balls. When he first meets him, Goku is without question a match for him. They make him out to be quite a vile character since he kills Upa's father right in front of his eyes and commits various other cruel acts. Goku eventually beats him, well sort of. The second time he faces off against Goku, he loses terribly, and in his frustartion tries to utilize weapons. Eventually he throws a grenade at Goku, but he returns it to him. However, he's not dead yet. He later returns as a cyborg and faces Yamcha during the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai. He wants to settle a score with the "traitor". During the match Tao Pai Pai whips out a knife from his mechanical arm and slashes Yamcha across the chest, leaving him scarred for the rest of his life. Tien KO's with a swift powerful punch later in the match. Tao Pai Pai re-appears later in the anime during the Cell Saga.

187.Tapion- The Legendary Brave soldier from the planet Konatsu who is basically the hero in DBZ Movie 13. He wields the Holy Sword and a Holy Ocarina, which he uses to keep the top half of a terrible monster named Hildegarn sealed inside of him. He has a younger brother named Minoshia who has the bottom half of Hildegarn sealed inside of him.

188.Tapika- A competitor in the Annoyoichi Budoukai who can move with incredible speed. He tires out way too quickly and has to forfeit the match before his opponent even tries to attack.

189.Tanbarin- The vilest and most hated of Piccolo Daimaou's spawn. Tamborine was given the assignment from his father to kill all finalists who participated in previous Tenkaichi Budoukai's and to pick up any Dragon Balls he finds along the way. Tamborine basically goes from place to place killing people and looking for Dragon Balls. His first victim is Krillen. This was the first time Krillen had been killed and Goku was angry with Tamborine. The first time Goku faces Tamborine, he's KO'ed. However, the second time, he manages to kill Tamborine with a Ka-me-ha-me-ha.

190.Tanmen- A little girl Goku meets on his trip around the world.

191.Chyunshi-They were a character who was only mentioned in the anime.

192.Chichi- Goku's wife and taskmaster extrordinaire. She is the daughter of Ox King who promised his daughter's hand in marriage to Goku when they were just children. Chichi later meets up with Goku at the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai and loses to him. After their match she reminds him who she is, and asks him if he wants to marry her. Goku says, "Sure". Chichi is known for being very hard on her son's academic life, and she goes ballistic at some points over her son's study habits, and Goku's influence on him. Although it's not always shown, she REALLY does love her husband a LOT and in the anime there are some sweet scenes between the two.

193.Chyao- A little girl Goku meets during his trip around the world in the anime. Gokou saves her near the mountains her village and she begs him to help save her village from Ginkaku and Kinkaku.

194.Chaozu- Chaozu is Tien's pint-sized telepathic pal. Tien and Chaozus past is never completely revealed but it's known for sure that Tien will protect Chaozu no matter what. Chaozu is classified as being an Earthling, so if he belongs to some different race, it isn't known. Chaozu can fight very well, but most of his special abilities revolve around telepathy. He can cease a person's movement if he's able to keep his concentration and can talk to Tien by telepathy.

195.Chyapa Ou- A competitor in the Tenkaichi Budoukai who loses to Goku twice in the preliminary rounds of the 21st and 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai's.

196.Chyapu Chyai- A midget competitor in the Annoyoichi Budoukai who is able to overcome his opponents by making many duplicates of himself and overwhelm his competitors.

197.Chyuri- A little girl Goku meets in the Goro Goro Mountains while performing his training for Kami.

198.Chinshyou Ken- Chinshyou is the son of the martial arts teacher, Chindai. He's very proud of his power, and doesn't have much faith in Goku's strength. He tries to prevent Goku from participating in a martial arts tournament by putting a laxative in Goku's soup.

199.Chindai Ken- Chindai is the owner of a martial arts school in a rural village. He is a master of the Seikyokuryuken fighting style, but unforunately; he suffers from a debilitating disease that tires him quickly.

200.Tsuno- The elder of the village of Namekians that Vegeta kills off. There were nineteen Namekians living in his village before Vegeta killed them all.

201.Tsufuru-jin- The Tsufuru-jin were the people who inhabited Planet Plant before the Saiya-jins took over and re-named it Planet Vegeta. Their name is a play on the Japanese word for fruit, and the name Saiya is a play on the Japanese word for vegetable. The Tsufuru-jin were wiped out by the Saiya-jin when a full moon occurred, causing the Saiya-jin to become Ozaru and overcome the Tsufuru-jin.

202.Tsuru Sennin- Tsuru trained with Kame under Mutaito's martial arts school. The two were rivals, and it carries through to Tsuru's pupils Tien and Chaozu. His younger brother is the world famous assassin, Tao Pai Pai.

203.Tsukutsun Tsun- A member of Penguin Village who is very much like Yamcha, in both his action and his appearance.

204.Tsuruten Tsun- Tsukutsun's father, he shows up from time to time in Dr. Slump.

205.Tsururin Tsun- Tsukutsun's little sister. She's riding around with Tarou when she makes her appearance in DB.

206.Tsutsutsunodano Teiyuugoutsururin-I don't think I put it together correctly, but oh well. Anyway, this lady is Tsukutsun's mom.

207.Teouno o Motsuta Oyaji-Smashes an axe over Goku's head when he busts into his house in the beginning of Dragon Ball.

208.Terebi Anaunsa- A television announcer for station CQV who tells the world of the horrific events which occur at Ginger Town.

209.Tenkaichi Budoukai Anaunsa- The blonde haired quick-witted announcer for every Tenkaichi Budoukai in Dragon Ball. Whenever Goku and the rest participate in the tournament, some problem always seems to come up, and he'll cover it to and make it seem like part of the action. He's one of the few normal people in the world who doesn't believe that Mr. Satan really defeated Cell.

210.Tenshinhan-Tien is classified as being a human. Yes, it's weird that he has three eyes, but isn't it also odd that Krillen doesn't have a nose? Tien's past is never fully revealed, but somehow in life he became best friends with Chaozu. He treats Choazu like a son, and if you really want to tick this guy off, then you only need to badmouth his little buddy, since he defends him fiercly. Tien's martial arts teacher was Tsuru, whom he abandons after he finds out that Tsuru is using Tien as an instrument of revenge against Kame's students. When Tien finds out that Tsuru was forcing Chaozu to telepathically hold Goku in place, he tells Chaozu to stop. Tsuru then holds up Chazou and threatens to hurt him if he doesn't hold Goku down, but then he's blasted away by a Ka-me-ha-me-ha from Kame. Tien loses all respect for his former master and trains himself from there forward. Tiens the strongest human Z Soldier. Hes far stronger than Krillen, he just normally doesn't get a chance to show it. As the series progresses, less and less of him and Chaozu is seen, but they pop up from time to time. They are always training together in a wilderness area.

211.Dende- Dende is Guru's 108th child. He is a Namekian who is rescued by Gohan and Krillen early in the Freeza saga. At first he is very quiet and reserved, but later he becomes one of Gohan's best friends. Several years later, Goku comes to New Namek looking for a new Kami. Muuri suggests that Dende would be a great choice, so Goku takes Dende to Earth to become to new Kami. Dende powers up the Dragon Balls after he arrives and allows three wishes to be made at one time.

212.Tenron- The head master of a martial arts school in the same town as Chendai. He is a master of the Hyoga style of martial arts and intends to kill Chendai at the village's martial arts tournament, so that he can become the head martial arts teacher.

213.Tooma- A tall masculine member of Bardock's team. He's the only person Bardock gets a chance to talk to when he finds his group slaughtered by Dodoria and some of Freeza's underlings. The blood-stained headband that Bardock wears was worn by Tooma as an armband when he was still alive. Bardock removed it from him after his death and wore it honoring his team.

214.Dore- One of the member's of Koola's Special Forces in DBZ Movie 6. He's pretty lame. Piccolo kills him.

215.Tooro- The last surviving Kanassan who curses Bardock with the ability to see the future.

216.Dokuta Uiro- The main villain in DBZ Movie 2. He was a scientist who worked on evil experiments with his assistant/creation Dr. Koochin. However, 50 years before the start of Dragon Ball, horrible weather said to be sent from the gods sealed him in his laboratory. However, his brain was transplanted into a large mechnical device that would keep him alive until the day when he could find the world's strongest man and take control of their body. Goku kills him.

217.Dokuta Koochin- Dr. Willow's android assistant who gathers the Dragon Balls and frees Dr. Willow from his laboratory. He is well equiped for fighting even though he appears old and harmless. His hand can transform into a chain gun and his staff can hurl energy blasts.

218.Dokuta Raichi- Dr. Raichi is a former member of the Tsufuru-jin race which the Saiya-jins wiped out, but he returns to get revenge on the Saiya-jin. Goku and gang defeat him easily since the only thing he has going for him is a force-field, which Goku and the others figure out how to get around. His ultimate creation is really cool. I don't believe it was given a name, but he's a big red sucker with blue orbs on his body.

219.Toteppo- A masculine member of Bardock's team who is the strong man of the group. His skin is darker than the others, and he has scars on his forehead.

220.Toto Oyako- A family of Pteradactyls that Gohan and Goten befriend. The father and mother aren't given a name, but Gohan and Goten call their baby "Chibi" which means little or small. Chibi is captured by the circus and the Great Saiyaman rescues him.

221.Dodoria-One of Freeza's top soldiers. He doesn't appear to be powerful, but for his size he's very fast and powerful. He's ruthless and is willing to do any evil task for Freeza. A ki blast from Vegeta killed him. His PL was about 22,000.

222.Toninjinka-The boss of a group gangsters. He's a giant rabbit and his gang members wear fake rabbit ears. The reason Toninjinka is feared so much is because he has the ability to turn people into carrots, just by touching them. He's sent to the moon by Goku where he's forced to make rabbit shaped treats for kids.

223.Dorakyu Man- One of Uranai Baba's ghostly fighters. He fights using typical vampire techniques. He beats Krillen, but he loses against Puar and Upa. They use a combination of Garlic Breath and Puar's changing ability beat him.

224.Doramu- The last and shortest lived of Piccolo Daimaou's evil spawn. Daimaou spits him out when Tien arrives to try and seal Daimaou in the Denshi Jar. Drum beats the heck out of Tien, but when Goku arrives on the scene, he knocks Drum's eyes out with a single kick.

225.Mirai no Trunks- Future Trunks comes to the present from the year 784 AD. His future is a bleak one. Goku died from a viral heart disease he picked up on the planet Yardrat and three years later, the Androids showed up, and killed all of the Z Soldiers, except Gohan. Gohan trains him, but eventually he is killed by the Androids. His mother, Bulma, invents a Time Machine which will allow him to travel back through time to the year 764 AD and give Goku the medicine to cure his disease. He also came to warn Goku of the arrival of the Androids hree years from then. With this accomplished, he returns to his future, and waits 6 months for the Time Machine to recharge. When the Time Machine is fully recharged, he returns to the same time he was in before, but three years later. During the Cell Game, Trunks is killed, which causes Vegeta to flip out, but he's quickly ressurected by the Dragon Balls. Soon after that he returns to his future and is finally able to kill Androids 17 and 18, as well as the Cell in his time period. Trunks then returns to the past again just to say "hi" to everyone and participate in a martial arts tournament, which is shown in DBZ Movie 9. I don't normally go into this much detail, but Trunks is a pretty popular character. Trunks is fairly quiet. He doesn't say much unless its something important, or he's invited into a conversation. Trunks use a formal type of language. Not to say he's uptight, he's just very polite. Even when fighting Cell, he keeps his cool and carries on a conversation with him.

226.Chibi Trunks-A lot of people say that Trunks is "a spoiled brat", and a complete contrast to Future Trunks. Trunks is like any normal eight year old. Chibi Trunks can be seen developing into the same type of person that Future Trunks was during the end of DBZ, and through DBGT. However, there is a BIG difference between the two, which no one ever seems to touch upon. Chibi Trunks is filled with pride much like his father. He has little faith in Goku when he arrives, and doesn't believe that he's any stronger than his father. Trunks also defends his father valiantly when Buu attacks him, and is angered by the fact that someone like his dad could be beat up on so easily. Chibi Trunks is very adventurous and is always looking to fight strong opponents. He had the ability to turn Super Saiya-jin from an early age.

227.Akira Toriyama- Toriyama shows up in Dragon Ball from time to time as a joke. He was born in 1955 and worked on Dragon Ball from 1984 to 1995.

228.Torubi-A competitor in the Annoyoichi Budoukai who looks like a cross between Freeza and Cell.

229.Dorodabo- A fat flying villain from DBZ Movie 4. His design and personality was definately inspired by Dodoria. He's killed by Piccolo.

230.Metade ora no Kitoushi- A fanatical priest from DBZ Movie 10 who believes that human sacrafice is neccessary to ward off an evil monster. But Goten, Trunks and Videl make a fool out of him when they prove him wrong, and defeat the monster by themselves. The priest later supplies Jyaga with the blood of Brolly so he can get revenge on the kids.

231.Nappa- An Elite Saiya-jin soldier born on the planet Vegeta. Hes sort of a bodyguard for Vegita when he was a child. Nappa is not stupid, although he would appear to be that way. He loses control of himself at times when someone shows him up, but he's usually well composed. His power level is 4,000, which is far beyond most of the Z Soldiers' at the time he and Vegeta show up on Earth, except for Goku's of course. At the time of his death he was 50 years old. I'd also like to point out that Nappa is not bald. He apparently shaves his head by choice because, later in the manga, Vegita explains that once a Saiya-jin's hairstyle reaches a certain length, it will never change, or grow longer.

232.Namu- A competitor in the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai. He comes from a small village, and he's participating in the Budoukai to gain money neccessary to buy several months supply of water since his village is suffering from a terrible drought. He loses to Goku, but Kame sees the man's sorrowful situation and supplies him with two months worth of water. Goku pays a visit to Namu's village and helps him solve the drought problem.

233.Nameck sei-jin no Waka Mono- Three young Soldier Type Namekians who try to defend Muuri's village. They each have a power of 3,000 and are all killed very quickly by Dodoria.

234.Niko chan Daiou- An alien who is stranded in Penguin Village along with his servant. He looks like a butt with a face and antenna. He's always trying to conquer the Earth, either that or just build himself a spaceship so that he can get home. He's a complete moron and his servant is actually very bright.

235.Nishi Kaioushin- The only female Kai. Buu kills her millions of years before Dragon Ball begins.

236.Nishi no Miyakono no Jyosei- A woman who Goku asks for directions to Bulma's house. She doesn't know who Bulma is, but she directs him to a police officer that might help him. Goku gives her 100,000 zeni he won in a street fight as thanks.

237.Nishi no Miyako no Chinpira- A thief who tries to steal Goku's 100,000 zeni, but ends up getting beat up.

238.Nise Supa Senshi-When Goku and Vegeta are wandering around Buus stomach, copies of Gotenks, Gohan and Piccolo ambush them. Of course they're not real so they're beaten fairly quickly.

239.Nikki- Garlic Junior's servant from DBZ Movie 1 who has a taste for alcoholic apples. Despite his femenine voice and mannerisms, he's a pretty powerful fighter.

240.Ningyo- A beautiful mermaid who Goku tries to bring to Master Roshi as a housemaid.

241.Ningen o Utsu Otoko- During the time when Buu is starting to settle down with Hercule, a very sick individual goes around killing people for sport. I was shocked when it showed him and his partner gun down an old man and woman. This idiot and his partner are responsible for the creation of Super Buu. They chance upon Buu while he's playing catch with Bee and shoot the puppy. Hercule locates the two and beats them up, then goes back to Buu who heals the puppy instantly. But then the idiot returns and shoots Mr. Satan through the chest. Buu heals Satan, but his anger explodes and Old Buu is released from his anger. Luckily this guy has a pleasing death. Old Buu blasts him into a million pieces.

242.Ningen o Utsu Otoko no Tsukibito- A fat British-looking guy who occasionaly picks off people with his buddy. Fortunately, he has one of the most horrible deaths in DBZ. Buu liquifies and shoots himself down the guy's throat, then expands, turning him into human confetti.

243.Neizu- One of Koola's Special Forces members from DBZ Movie 5. He looks like a human frog and can pull his head in like a turtle but he's killed by Piccolo.

244.Neiru- The most powerful Soldier Type Namekian and Guru's personal guardian. His max power level 42,000. He faces off against Freeza, but is beaten horribly, and left to die when Freeza finds out that the dragon has been summoned. Later on, Piccolo finds him, and has a quick conversation with him about his roots. Then he convinces Piccolo to let him merge with him. After they merge, Piccolo goes off to fight Freeza with his new strength.

245.Nokku- A testosterone filled youth who competes in the 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai. His opponent is Vegeta and before the competition even begins, he goes up to Vegeta calling him and old man. When Vegeta doesn't reply Nokku laughs and tells him to, "Die! Hahaha!". Vegeta raises his fist without even turning around and smashes the kid about 20 feet away into a brick wall.

246.Arale Norimaki- The main character of Dr. Slump, Arale is a little robot built by Senbe who is hyperactive and fun loving. Even though she's just a litte kid she's brilliant and is already in High School.


These should be enough to keep you bust while I edit the remaining 200 or so.