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These are all the movies 1-13 and I will give brief descriptions of them, as well as the the movies that aren't of the 13, the specials and OVA'S.


1. Dead Zone-  this is the 1st movie where you 1st see Garlic Jr. and his sinister plan to take over the world and follow in his father's footsteps.  This is full of action and is worth buying.
2. The World's Strongest-  You meet Dr. Wheelo, and Dr. Kouchin, Kouchin preserves his mind to live after death and take over Goku's body to become the most power in the universe.  Very good movie and worth watching.
3. The Tree of Might-  if you liked the Dead Zone and The World's Strongest you will love this one, this is where you first meet Turlus and his Turlus corps.  Planted in the Earth is the Tree of Might.  That gices Turlus the ultimate power, but Goku overcomes him with a Super Genki Dama.
4. Lord Slug-  not one of my favs.  But it has a lot of action all the same, an evil Namek comes to Earth and becomes younger and reveals he is a Super Namek but in the end Goku overcomes him by becoming what is known as a false SSJ with the golden aura but not the golden hair.
5. Kooler's Revenge-  a new enemy appears Friezas brother who vows to get revenge on the saiyan that killed his father.  As Koola achieves the 4th level and last tranformation, and gives Goku and the other Z warriors a hard time, but Goku becomes a SSJ and kicks Koola's a** and sent him hurtiling towards the sun.
6. Return of Kooler-  Koola returns as Meta Koola and shows his full power even SSJ isn't enough and when Vegeta shows up it gets worse the 2 SSJ's are no match for the ruthless Meta Koola.  I loved this movie it's currently out by Funimation I hope you see it.
7. The 3 Great Super Saiyans-  in this movie a friendly day is inturrupted by a big blast from androids 14 &15.  As Goku, Trunks, Vegeta etc.  fight them in a secluded area android 13 appears, and the Saiyans start to find it hard to fight them at there current levels, so they go Super Saiyan and Trunks, Vegeta beat 13-14, but 13 upgrades to Super Android 13, and the Z warriors don't stand a chance, in the end Goku's forms a Genki Dama, and goes Super Saiyan while doing so, and because of his melicious heart, the energy from the Genki Dama was absorbed into him, and he crushed 13.  Good movie you should consider seeing it.
8. Brolly's Revenge-  I love this movie.  The tormented saiyan gets his revenge on Goku and all the Z warriors.  Dare I say Goku gets his a** kicked even more than in any other movie.  As Brolly takes on the form of SSU and like always Vegeta isn't much help.  SEE THIS MOVIE!!!
9. The Strongest Fighter in the Universe-  during a World Maritial art's tournament Gohan, Krillin, Trucks, Vegeta, Dukosoi fight three sinister villians and get their asses kicked, then Satan shows up and doesn't even fight.  Gohan in the end goes SSJ2 on his father's request and kills all the villians. 
10. Brolly Return's-  goten and trunks try to beat up Brolly but he is to much as videl found out the hard way.  Gohan comes to the rescue and gets his butt wuped and has to be saved by ? I won't tell you see the movie.  When Goku comes to the rescue from the dead Goten, Gohan and Goku do a ka ma ha me ha that obliterates him.
11. Bio-Brolly-  a mad scientists gets some of Brolly's remains and make a klone, in this one only goten and trunks are there to fight because the other z warriors are off fighting the sinister Boo/Buu.
12. The Rebirth of Fusion! Goku and Vegeta-  Gogeta is born and takes care of the villian Janemba not the best movie but one of my favs.  SEE IT!!!
13. Exploding Dragon Fist-  a new person comes named Tapion from a sealed box.  A villian from his home planet comes also named Hildogram if SSJ3 Gotenks isn't enough than who is.  Maybe Goku showing off a new move that is rarely used called "Exploding Dragon Fist" that takes care of Hildogram.  Also chibi Trunks gets his sword.
-Mystical Adventure-  This movie is sort of an alternate version of the Toe Pai Pai, and Tenkaichi Bodukai sagas, and Chaozu wifes a doll named Ran-Ran sama, gets kidnapped.  Goku and Krillin have finished their training under Muten Roshi.  And they are off to test their new strenght at a Tournament in the Mifan Empire sponsered my Emporor Chaozu.  Before they get their they encounter Toe Pai Pai, and Ltn. Metallic.  When they get to the tournament you see Bura and Upa, Yamucha etc.  Right when the tournament gets started the first match is Yamucha and Gregor.  Gregor looses then it's Bura and Yamucha, Yamcha looses when Roshi says Pafu-Pafu.  And everyone else steps down, and Toe Pai Pai comes in; kills him, Goku gets mad, and beaten.  Gets his self-confidence back, beats Toe Pai Pai, and goes back to beat Metallic.  Ten almost kills Chaozu, but he doesn't and Shen says he will Ten does a Kiko-Ho, and sends him who knows where.  The Dragon balls are gone so Goku drops the last one in the water where they are and makes a wish for Bura to come back to life and he does The End.
-The Path to Power- This movie is awsome.  It starts out with Bulma looking for the dragon balls, and she runs across Goku.  So Goku shows her his grand pa's dragon ball, and she convinces him to partner up with her to seek the dragon balls.  But really she just wants some protection, and the 4-star ball.  Well, they go along, and they meet Oolong the shape-shifter, and Goku makes a fool of him.  So Oolong eventually joins up with them, and they meet Yamucha, and Puar.  Goku faces Yamucha, and seems to be at a disadvantage, and before the fight can get really intense, Yamucha sees Bulma, and retreats.  They run over Mutin Roshi's turtle, and return him to the ocean, then they wait one day for their reward, which is the Nimbus cloud.  The red army is looking for the dragon balls, and they track them, and Goku unleashes an awsome ka-me-ha-me-ha, and basically everyone in the water get destroyed.  So moving on, Goku faces android #8, and looses terribly, and android #8 becomes Goku's friend, and is named 8-ter.  Moving on, Goku goes to defeat the red-ribbon army, and succeed until, Black fights him in a state of the art robot, and Goku is loosing, 8-ter comes to the rescue, gets totaled, Goku gets peased, and power-ups for a extremely powerful energy blast, and beats Black, saves the day.  But when no one can think of a wish, Goku wishes for 8-ter to return to life.
-Bardock"The Father of Goku"- When a low-class Saiyan soldier named Bardock unexpectedly inherits the ability to see into the future, his life takes a dramatic turn for the worse. Bardock is haunted by visions of his own end as wll as the destruction of his entire planet, Bardock sets off on a nightmarish race with fate to avert teh impending disaster.  But Bardock seems to be stumbling along in a maze of hopeless despair until a vision of his baby son, Kakorat, as a grown man inspires him to make a change and confront his destiny head on!  He goes to try and beat Frieza he dies and the entire planet Vegeta is destroyed.  Preety Good.
-The History of Trunks-  All the z-warriors get themselves killed, so Gohan tries to face the androids, and eventually get himself killed.  But before that he trains Future Trunks to become a Super Saiyan, but dies in an intense fight to the death.  Future Trunks is furios about this and so he finally goes Super Saiyan, but still is not enought for the androids.  When he see's that they are too much for him, he sets off in his mothers time machine to go see Goku, and test his strength, and give Goku the Anti-dot for the disease that he is going to catch, 3 years from then.
-Goku Jr. Special-  100 years later after Goku leaves on the Dragons back.  The grandchild of Pan, Goku Jr. gets trained by Pan to be as strong as Goku.  When Pan comes down with a sudden illness Goku Jr. remembers the story of the dragonballs, and sets out to go to the top of Mt. Paozu, and get a dragon ball.  One of the bullies of his school be-friends him along the trip, and you can see how Goku Jr's. power is growing.  He goes Super Saiyan and beats the monster of Mt. Paozu, and tries to cure Pan and bring his friend Pack back from the dead.  In this Special he meets the ghost of Goku, later on he fights Vegeta Jr.  Pan thinks she see's Goku in the crowd but when she goes to look he's gone.  This is the Special after the last episode of GT.
-Hatchett-  Cell, SSJ Turlus etc. come back as ghost and are beaten up.  But the Z warriors go to planet Plant and beat up Hatchett a bio warrior sort of and they beat him as they find a way.  Sort of rare try to see it!!!

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