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The first collumn is the level name the next is the power level in which you must have to achieve that level and the third collumn is how many times that level multiplies your power.

SSJ 1 1,000,000x1.5
Ultra SSJ 1,250,000x1.7
SSJ 2 1,500,000x1.9
SSJ 3 2,000,000x2.1
SSJ 4 2,500,000x2.5
Ultra SSJ 3,000,000x3
Mega SSJ 5,000,000x5
Meta SSJ 10,000,000x7
Super 1,000,000x1.5
Ultra 1,750,000x2
Mega 5,000,000x5
Meta 10,000,000x7
Super 1,000,000x1.3
Ultra 1,750,000x1.7
Mega 5,000,000x4.5
Meta 10,000,000x6
Form 1 1,000,000x1.5
Form 2 1,500,000x1.9
Form 3 2,000,000x2.1
Form 4 2,500,000x2.5
Form 5 5,000,000x5
Form 6 10,000,000x7