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The little known facts about DBAF!!!


Goku Super saiya-jin level 5

Dragon ball AF is a new series being developed in Japan.  AF is supposed to mean 1. After future 2. Alternate Future or, 3. Another Future.  I looked up more info. about this series from sites that knew more.  In Dragon ball AF it is said that Radditz is back and he goes Super saiya-jin, and Super saiya-jin 3.  Freiza and Kooler fuse, Cell absorbs Android #8, Goku goes Super saiya-jin 5, and 6.  Also he learns how to fuse with 3 other people.  Also one more thing don't be to worried that it isn't true because every one said that Dragon ball GT was fake, but no it wasn't, it was very real! 


Goku Super saiya-jin level 6

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