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This section will tell all the sagas throughout DB/Z/GT, some DBZ  despritions will come as soon as I can find time to get to them.  If you have any info. feel free to e-mail me.


Dragon Ball saga
Muscle Tower saga
Emperor Pilaf saga
Mersonarie Toe Pai Pai saga
Tenkaichi Budoukai(24th)
Piccalo saga(25th&26th Tenkaichi's Budoukai's)
-Saiyan Conflict
-Namek Saga
-Frieza Saga
-Black Water Mist saga/ Garlic Jr. saga
-Android saga
-Imperfect Cell saga
-Perfect Cell saga
-Cell Games
-Heaven's Tournament
-Tenkaichi Budoukai(27th)
-Majin Boo/Buu saga
-Fusion Saga
-Kid Boo/Buu saga or Regression saga
-Last Tenkaichi Budoukai(28th)
Chibi Goku saga/ baby saga
Bebi saga
Super 17 saga
Evil Shenlong saga

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