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This section will include the forms of shenlong througout DB/Z/GT!!!


Shenlong- he is Earth's eternal dragon.  He was created by Kami, and appears all through DB-DBZ and some of GT in the 64th episode when Goku rides off on his back.


Porunga- he is Namek's dragon, he gave Piccolo his life back, the deceased Z Warriors their lives back, and the Z Warriors a trip back to Earth.


Evil shenlong-  he was the wicked talking and looking dragon that was created from all the negative energy gathered when negative wished were made.  Realeased after a wish to bring 18 & Krilling back, he came out looking messed up, because the dragon ballz were cracked and he splits into 7 evil shenlongs: Li, Ryan, San, Suu, Uu, Ryuu, Chii.


Li-shenlong- he's the evil dragon of the 1 star DragonBall.  He is the ruling dragon, he is the strongest of the evil shenlongs.  "The Overwhelmingly Strong Enemy" he appears in episodes 57-64.  Almost killed by Gogita, but eventually killed by SSJ4 Goku. 


Ryan-shenlong-  he is the evil dragon of the 2 star DragonBall.  He is to dragon of waster pollution and was created when Bora was wished back to life in the DB series.  He appears in episodes 48-49.  Beaten by Goku and Pan.


San-shenlong-  he is the evil dragon of the 3 star DragonBall.  He is the dragon of ice and freezing.  He appeared in episode 56 of GT, along with Sunn-shenlong.  Easily deafeated by SSJ4 Goku.


Suu-shenlong-  he is the evil dragon of the 4 star DragonBall.  He is the dragon of sun and heat.  He was created when Picoolo Daimao was wished to gain full power.  He appears in episodes 53-56 of GT.  He fought Goku, and San-shenlong interfered.  Suu-shenlong turns into a companion of the Z team and tries to kill Li-Shenlong.


Uu-shenlong-  he is the evil dragon of the 5 star DragonBall.  He is the dragon of electricity and was born when Goku was wished back to fight Nappa and Vegeta.  Appears in episode 50 of GT.  He was killed by Goku adn Pan.


Ryuu-shenlong-  he is the evil dragon of the 6 star DragonBall.  He is the dragon of hurricanes and ws created when Oolong wished for a pair of panties.  He appears in episode 51 of GT.  He was killed by Goku and Pan.


Chii-shenlong-  he is the evil dragon of the 7 star DragonBall.  This dragon was born when Bulma revived all the people killed by Majin Buu & Vegeta.  He has the power to absorb and control other creatures.  He is the one who kills Pan.  SSJ4 Goku realeases his 10-bai kamehameha.

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