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Buu obtains many forms during the series, here they are.


Huge Buu:  He takes this form after he absorbs South Kai.  He becomes 2 times stronger and has much bigger muscles.


Fat Buu:  He takes this form after absorbing Dia Kai.  He eats more, and that he is kinder; he holds more power is back.


Good Buu:  When seperated from Old Buu, the kindness of Dai Kia takes over.  He becomes a good guy, but he's still got a lot of power. He is friends with Mr. Satan and Bee (Buu's dog).


Old Buu:  Fat Buu gets really mad when man hunters kill Mr. Hercule, steam comes out of his body and from this Old Buu materializes. He is much more powerful than Good Buu.


Super Buu:  When Old Buu absorbs Good Buu, Super Buu is the result. He is a little beefier than Old Buuand pink like Fat Buu. He is much more powerful than any of the Buu's before him. 


Superpiccolo Buu:  In this form he gains Piccolo's great intelligence, and the Makanko Sappo, and his clothes.  You don't see much of this form except when Gotenks fusion wheres off inside of Majin Buu after he absorbs Gotenks. 


SuperGotenks Buu:  He achieves this form after absorbing Gotenks and Piccolo at the same time.  He absorbs Gotenks by tricking the boys into fusing again, and then detaches part of his body from his back and makes it sneak up behind the boys and absorb them.  In this form even Mystic Gohan isn't a match for him.  With this new found power he gains hundreds of new moves, like Super ghost kamikaze attack, and the kamehameha.


SuperGohan Buu:  He achieves this form after Goku arrives and splits Majin Buu in half.  Well Buu puts himself back toghether but doesn't bring all of his tail back, and with this part missing he makes it get Gohan and absorb him before Goku can do anything.  In this form his power increases dramatically from the absorbtion of Mystic Gohan, he gets Gohans gi( Goku's clothes)  and Gohans moves.  In this form he faces off against Vegitto and is no match but he is still very powerful.


Kid Buu:  Kid buu was created around 5,000,000 B.C.  He reverts to this form after Goku and Vegeta go in him and take everyone that Buu ever absorbed out.  Buu becomes his original form, he's very insane, but he's not all that powerful. He is pure evil with no sympathy or restraints.  Goku defeats Kid Buu after Vegeta tries to convence people to raise there hands and contribute to the Super Spirit Bomb.  Well they don't until Mr. Satan convences them to. 


Ubuu:  After defeating Buu, Goku wishes for all the people back, and the 2nd wish for a good version of Buu, so he can fight and train him.  He learns while he fights and becomes more powerful and a great fighter.  You first see Ubuu in the Tenkaichi Budokai when good Fat buu changes the roster with majic.  Well Goku and Ubuu fight while Goku talks about Ubuu's moma to get him mad.  And before the match is over Goku invites Ubuu to ride on his back and let Goku train him.


Super Ubuu:  Ubuu takes this form after he first meets Fat Good Buu.  Majin Buu lets Ubuu and him fuse.  But only because Mr. Buu lets him.  He becomes way more powerful and he can turn thing into chocolate just like Good Fat Buu.

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