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I have just started this section I appologise for the shortage in info. right now.  But this section will have all the bad guys from the series the movies and DBZ/GT!!!

Nappa:  This dangerous duo. from the beggining of the DBZ series were the most powerful and feared group in the entire universe.  Nappa was the second most powerful saiyan in the universe a big dumb dop but an Elite he showed to be a big challenge for the z warriors aside from the punk Yajorobi.  He took all the z warriors for the ride of there live and killed Piccalo,Choatzu,Tien all but Gohan.  As a fighter he was the penticle of perfection  compared to the z warriors excluding Goku.  And when he got angry it wasn't a preety thing.  He seemed to get more powerful every time but no match for Goku.  When his anger got to great he proved to be no match for Goku and was shown that he was no longer the second most powerful saiyan but actually Goku surpassed him and Vegeta.  And when Vegeta saw how Goku was picking apart Goku Vegeta decided to take it upon himself and send him to the next demision. 
Interesting Fact(appears in a Special OVA called "Hatchett")
King Vegeta:  There isn't much to say about this man.  He is the father of Goku former ruler of the Planet Vegeta before Frieza took it over.  His heart was corrupted but he actions were noble.  As he dared to take on Frieza only lasting about 1 minute against the ruthless tyrant.  And leaving Vegeta forever.  He appears in the T.V. series once as flashbacks occur.  But still considred evil.
Radditz:  This is the evil brother of Goku come to check and see how the planet take over is going.  A lower class warrior just like Golu you would never know because of his power level.  Once on the planet his first evil dead is to kill a farmer because of his pathetic power.  Then sensing the power of Piccalo near by he goes to check it out.  Piccalo trying his best to olbiltere him all his attemps are in vain.  After Radditz senses a even greater power he goes after Goku, but when he gets there he does more than hurt Goku he steals Gohan.  Goku, and Piccalo having to teem up are no macth there power levels bairly even break 400 where as Radditz's was 1200.  They try to fight but they have no effent the biggest accomplishment was Gohan denting Radditz's armor.  Radditz not being able to defend he gets even more mad and slap's Goku.  The ruthless fighter goes on with the destruction until Goku has him by the and won't let go.  Radditz convinces him and that was a big mistake, after beating Goku down the special beam cannon lost.  But Goku got a second chace and wasn't so forgiving in the end.  And the special beam cannon worked and Raddizt along with Goku died.  And in the other world Radditz wasn't done and tried to fight King Yama but his efforts were in vain as he was put in the Yama lock.  Radditz was basically the first of many super villians that got what they deserved.
Interesting Fact(appears in OVA "Hatchett")
Turlus:  first appearing in the second movie "The tree of Might".  Coming to check on the progress of the take over of the planet earth.  Well as he planted the seed Goku had a problem with that.  And they all fought but not before the Turlus Corps.  Well Turlus being a lower class warrior he was almost identical to Goku.  And Gohan made that mistake.  As well as being to weak for Turlus as Turlus made an artificial moon that simulated a full moon.  And Gohan turned into and ape.  Being the ruthless fighter that he is he tried to kill Gohan after the big ape was pre-occuopied by higher dragon.  And well when the of might had sucked an abundance of earth's energy Turlus took a single bite of the an apple and his power grew 10 fold compared to Goku.  Not even Goku's kio-ken times 10 was enough and the warrior Turlus proved to be way more powerful than Goku was.  Well he was eventually defeated after Goku conjured up the strenght to produce a super Genki Dama that destroyed Turlus and the Tree of Might.  A very good fighter but like all fighters he paled in comparison the Goku.
Interesting Fact(appears in the OVA "Hatchett")

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