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It is only temporary, but for now we have message boards to battle and train in rather than the faster pace chat rooms. I'm trying to find some free or low costing chat rooms to use, so if you could find any just e-mail me at bradcissel@yahoo.com it would be for the good of this RPG.
For now however it is all we have so we'll have to make due. There are a just few simple rules to follow and if they are not you will face a temporary suspension from the boards/chats. If you are training then title the post (instert name)training then the date. Keep tabs on all of your training and e-mail me once per week telling me how much you trained(round to the nearest minute). There will however be certiant exceptions, for example if their is a tournament coming up (I will post it) all PLs and other stats shall be updated the previous day.
Just go into the chats/boards and type for example I charge at goku and kick him in the stomach (only if I am in the room obviously). If you are just training by yourself your Pl will increase by 300 points per hour and if you are sparring or fighting with either a saibman or another member your PL will increase by 600 points per hour.

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